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[15 Feb 2013 | No Comment | 73 views]
Learn from your peers: effective promo CD mailing

Although we’re firmly in digital land, you just can’t escape the necessity for CD promos. When you put together your finest works into an EP or an album for promo purposes, everything you thought you knew about making a good impression goes out the window. The KISS mantra (Keep It Simple Stupid) is more relevant than ever…

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[5 Jun 2009 | No Comment | 1,008 views]
Twelve tips for a more successful mailshot

Time and time again, we receive boxes upon boxes of demos at Revolver Towers. A few of them are good, some not so much – but a lot of them are completely irrelevant, which makes us sad.

‘Why is this?’ you say. ‘How come you don’t listen to all the demos you receive?’ Well, for a couple of reasons… First: indie labels usually don’t have many staff members. Second: when we do get time to listen to some demos, it’s usually not much (twenty minutes here, ten minutes there)… Most demo appraisal happens in small bursts, just so we can work …

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[6 Apr 2009 | No Comment | 798 views]

For many bands, marketing their material to record labels is one of the most gruelling things they have to do (aside from gigging!) Here at Revolver Towers, we get tens and hundreds of demo packages every week – we have boxes full of them – and unfortunately we don’t always have time to actually open and listen to the music.

You’ll find this situation at labels all round the country – and the larger the label, the less time you will have to make an impression on whoever’s listening to …

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[17 Oct 2008 | No Comment | 4,570 views]
When will I, will I be famous? (even we can’t answer that)
You should be aiming for this!

You should be aiming for this!

So you want to ‘make it’ yeah?, well you’ll already know there are millions of others who want the same thing too. Excuse the comparison, but it’s a bit like sperm and the egg yeah? Well good news, if your reading this, you’ve already made it once, maybe it could happen again. Revolver Digital is a spanking new service which has been many months in the making to be able to provide the best …