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[15 Feb 2013 | No Comment | 73 views]
Learn from your peers: effective promo CD mailing

Although we’re firmly in digital land, you just can’t escape the necessity for CD promos. When you put together your finest works into an EP or an album for promo purposes, everything you thought you knew about making a good impression goes out the window. The KISS mantra (Keep It Simple Stupid) is more relevant than ever…

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[3 Dec 2012 | No Comment | 31 views]
Express iTunes service – available now!

Revolver is now able to deliver music releases for immediate display and sale on the iTunes Music Store — so if you have a rush turnaround project you need to get on sale ASAP, talk to us!

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[16 Aug 2012 | One Comment | 49 views]
2012 Streaming music revenues increase yet again

Good news if you make money from online sales — the BBC reports today that streaming music revenues have increased 40% globally so far in 2012:

On-demand services like Spotify and We7 will generate £696m for the global music industry in 2012 – a rise of 40%, new research has suggested. It means streaming music is the fastest-growing sector of the industry, overtaking downloads, which are due to see an increase of 8.5% this year.

CDs and vinyl still dominate the industry, accounting for 61% of all music sold worldwide. But sales of physical products dropped by 12% globally, and 30% in the UK. The research was carried out by industry watcher Strategy Analytics, which noted a marked contraction in the UK music market during the first six months of 2012.

But still, not all’s well in digital music land…

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[8 Dec 2011 | No Comment | 83 views]
Scaling up…

A few days overdue, but nonetheless finally ready for prime time! We’ve been putting together something quite special at Revolver Towers for a while now, and we can finally unveil what we’ve been so excited about: our artists’ music can now be sold in more than 300 of the most prominent download stores worldwide.

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[17 May 2011 | No Comment | 36 views]
Brand new Revolver digital store live!

We’re always pushing ahead with new technology and new gadgetry. Our shiny new digital store is no different – and it’s now live on the Internet!

320kbps MP3s of Revolver Records, Heavy Metal Records and Revolver Digital artists, all in one convenient place, instantly downloadable… And for less than they cost on iTunes. Bargain or what?

Head over to Digital.RevolverRecords.com and start your virtual cratedigging sesh today!

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[5 Aug 2010 | One Comment | 217 views]
We’ve got a new Friend!

Announcing our new Revolver Digital Store, in collaboration with Friend For Music!

As part of our longstanding commitment to music, we have always been at the forefront of new developments in the industry.

Be it Direct Metal Mastering and releasing music on the (then-new) CD format in the 1980s or our support of the first mass market music services in the early 2000s. Today, we continue to release CDs and make increasing amounts of our catalogue available for instant purchase or via one of the many streaming services, satisfying the shifting customer demand we have witnessed over the past decade.

Like many other indie labels, we have no illusions as to the state of the music industry – whilst revenues began to decline in the 1990s, that decline has no doubt been accelerated by the widespread availability of copyrighted music via the Internet. For all the inches of copy, coverage and layoffs in the “Big Four” labels, it has directly hurt independent labels to a far greater extent. And not only that, but artists have felt the pinch too – for labels releasing new material, it’s more important than ever to preserve the integrity of a release prior to its full release whilst still offering promotional copies to radio stations, journalists and selected individuals.

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[30 Apr 2010 | No Comment | 310 views]
Latest BPI industry figures highlight the continuing role of digital music

As you may have seen on Hypebot or NME.com this week, the BPI’s final summary of 2009 music industry figures have been released and it’s ‘a mixed bag.’

The gory details:

* Total UK recorded music trade income rises 1.4% overall to £928.8m
* Trade revenues from physical formats down 6.1% to £739.9m
* Digital income now a fifth of total recorded music revenues – up 47.8% to £188.9m

The main observation: digital sales have offset the losses accrued in physical sales, leaving not a very large margin of growth at all. Forrester Research usually provide their insight into BPI stats and figures, and once again they’re on hand for an expert opinion…

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[22 Dec 2009 | No Comment | 387 views]
Have digital downloads democratised the music industry?

Once upon a time, the major labels controlled the charts absolutely with an iron fist. Radio stations only playlisted tracks from major labels, payola was rife and pluggers knew the station controllers on a first name basis, they were in their offices so frequently.

Today, the major labels control the charts, but independence is slowly making itself felt. Radio stations still really only playlist tracks from major labels, but even with the passing of John Peen there are still some notable torchbearers for new, fresh and independent music (think Zane Lowe et al). Payola? Well, it’s still probably there to an …

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[1 Nov 2009 | No Comment | 527 views]
The Industry Insider: What’s in an ISRC?

Although the latest BPI statistics show that an all-time record of 98.6% of all UK single sales were digital (over 117 million!), the digital world has not fully divorced itself from its history in the real world.

If you’re an artist selling your music online, you still need the essentials – EAN13 barcode, catalogue number and (most importantly) an ISRC for each track, or you simply cannot have your tracks on any of the major online stores. (As a label with 30 years’ operating experience and almost a thousand albums under our belt, this irony’s not lost on us!)

However, unless you work with them on a daily basis, ISRCs can look confusing. How are they made up? What do they mean – and what purpose do they serve? In the first of our Industry Insider articles, Revolver explains it all – read on to find out.

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[5 Jun 2009 | No Comment | 1,010 views]
Twelve tips for a more successful mailshot

Time and time again, we receive boxes upon boxes of demos at Revolver Towers. A few of them are good, some not so much – but a lot of them are completely irrelevant, which makes us sad.

‘Why is this?’ you say. ‘How come you don’t listen to all the demos you receive?’ Well, for a couple of reasons… First: indie labels usually don’t have many staff members. Second: when we do get time to listen to some demos, it’s usually not much (twenty minutes here, ten minutes there)… Most demo appraisal happens in small bursts, just so we can work …