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Q. Why choose Revolver Digital?

A. Lets bullet point this one to make it clearer for you:

  • Cost: We guarantee that our prices are some of the most competitive around. I invite (actually, encourage) you to compare our prices with our competitors and see for yourself the saving that can be made.
  • ISRC’S and Barcodes: ISRC’s (Industry Standard Recording Code) are small codes applied to a recording. This code is applied to your recordings to identify it for revenue payments. These are FREE for record companies to apply to recordings. Barcodes are applied to a product and are used as an identifier for that product. These are supplied to us for a one off fee and thereafter, costless. These are both required for a digital upload. We DO NOT charge for these. Many of our competitors do charge and some of the market leaders will charge you in excess of £30 on top of what you pay for the upload.
  • Guidance from industry professionals: We have a crack team of music industry professionals working relentlessly on this project that are dedicated to helping you achieve the most out of the service as possible. They are on hand to answer any questions you may have. Your E-mails will not be received in a general enquires account that is left unattended from week to week. The contacts page provides you with direct E-mail addresses to all Revolver Digital employees.
  • You don’t pay extra for worldwide distribution: This ones a mind boggler for us. When uploading your material, we have the option to have it distributed worldwide or only to certain territories. It actually takes more time and effect for us to detail which territories we would like to approve or deny your material for, so why would we charge more for worldwide distribution? Why do some of our competitors charge more for worldwide distribution? Answers on a postcard please.

Q. Which digital stores will our music be available in?

A. Take a look at the link below, it will outline all the digital stores your material will be uploaded to.


Q. Will our music be eligible for the UK charts?

A. YES! Your tracks are assigned ISRC codes (explained further under “why choose Revolver Digital”) which then makes your tracks eligible for the charts.

Q. How long does the process take?

A. Upload tracks digitally entails of lot of data checking and clearance to be undertaken. This is out of our control and standard for sites such as Itunes. Your material could take a month to go live digitally. We apologise for this delay in advance as it is unavoidable.

Q. Do we need to submit artwork as well?

A. Yes please, we do require artwork that compliments the track.
The preferences for the artwork are as follows:

Format: JPG or TIFF
Size: 1425×1425
Shape: Square
Resolution: 300DPI
Colour palette: RGB

If any of this confuses you, feel free to ask.

Q. Do Revolver Digital take a percentage?

A. No, all the money made goes to you! The only fee you pay is the one off fee to upload your tracks.

Q. What currency will we be paid in?

A. Revenue made from sales will paid strait to the customers account, hence the currency that you will receive will be dependant on where you live.

Q. Do we have to be based in the UK?

A. Certainly not. All transactions and communication can be made over the magic that is the Internet and over the telephone. So no matter where you are, you’re welcome here.

Q. Will we be giving up the rights to our music by signing up?

A. None what so ever. Revolver Digital is non-exclusive and you can pull the plug whenever you wish.

Q. What happens if we get offered a record deal?

A. Again, you can pull the plug whenever you wish and your content will be taken down from all digital distributors leaving your record company to deal with your content.

Q. Is there a cancellation fee?

A. There is not a cancellation fee. If you wish us to take your content down from the digital distribution sites just give us the word.

Q. How/when will we receive our royalties?

A. Royalties will be paid out quarterly direct to your bank account.

Q. Do we have to sign a contract?

A. A digital agreement and terms and conditions must be agreed to, but we stress that you are not tied down by this. You may walk away from the relationship with Revolver Digital and have your content taken down from digital sites and off our system whenever you wish.