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We want to provide much more to our clients than just a delivery service, they’re all frankly, a bit boring. At Revolver, we’ve incorporated the record label and publishing company into the service to try and provide more opportunities for you. When you sign up, not only do you make the right choice in digital partner, but you also open up doors in the process.

What are you talking about?

Well, we’ve mentioned before on the website that we go around the world on music business to conferences, seminars, networking events and a trade shows. We make new contacts every day. These can anyone from major labels to music supervisors. If we feel your music is good enough, we’ll shop it to the right people, no other digital service does that, that’s what makes us different.

How do I state my interest?

When you sign up, you’ll receive emails from us every now and again tapping you on the shoulder when we believe someone may be interested in your music. You should definitely subscribe to the site also to be one of the first to hear about new projects, even if you’ve not signed up with us, this can be delivered direct to your email inbox or through an RSS feed reader.

So what projects have you coming up?

Well we’re about to launch a publishing service for artists, this includes synchronization (getting music onto tv, films, games etc.), royalty administration (collecting mechanical royalties for you from around the world), sub publishing deals and many more.

We have more launches up our sleeves, but we have to keep quiet about them for now. Stay tuned…