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Synchronisation (Sync)

Probably best to explain a little about what Synch/Sync (Synchronisation) is. Sync is basically the pairing of audio and visual elements creating…. TV shows, films, web adverts etc. When a company requests a sync licence to use one of our label tracks, depending on the offer we either accept, decline or negotiate for the best possible deal. A sync licence can cover a TV programme, a podcast, a film or almost anything which is broadcast! As such, it can become a very useful means for getting your music heard by many people – and earning a little money from the royalty at the same time.

The Revolver team go all around the world searching for the best deals and making the right connections. As well as our existing arrangements with the BBC and independent broadcasters, we also have successful deals with companies such as YouLicense, where people bid for licensing in a marketplace-style setting.

We are also expanding into more territories and aggressively pursuing synchronisation opportunities in the fetaure film, game and TV/DVD sectors – contact us to find out more.